The California Solar Initiative's RD&D Program has now concluded after operating since 2008 through 2016. All solicitations and research projects are now complete.



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For more information on the research projects and resulting reports please review the section below. All completed final reports are also available separately for review and download. 

FINAL REPORTS for completed projects along with individual research briefs can be found here.


CSI RD&D Program - Program Evaluation 



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Funded Projects

This is a database of projects funded by the CSI RD&D. The project summaries are listed alphabetically below. You may also choose a subset of projects by clicking a keyword, or using the search function.

Integrating PV into Utility Planning and Operation Tools


Current Highlights:


  • Final Project Report. April 2014  [PDF]

  • Final Project webinar slides [PDF] and recording [wmv] Mar 11, 2014

Project Information

Solicitation: Solicitation 3
Target Area: Grid Integration
Awardee: Clean Power Research (CPR)

CAISO, UC San Diego, Electric Power Research Institute, State University of New York, and Solar Electric Power Association.

CSI Funding: $852,260
Match Funding: $875,000
Start Date: May 2012
End Date: May 2014
Status: Complete

Contact Information

Principal Investigator Name: Thomas Hoff
Principal Investigator Email: tomhoff @ cleanpower.com
Principal Investigator Phone: 707-224-9992
Grant Manager Name: Smita Gupta
Grant Manager Email: smita.gupta @ itron.com
Grant Manager Phone: 509-891 3189

Project Summary

Clean Power Research lead the development, validation and integration of photovoltaic (PV) fleet simulation tools that enable utilities and independent system operators (ISOs) to cost-effectively integrate distributed PV resources into their planning, scheduling and operating strategies.

This project builds on CPR's CSI Solicitation #1 award titled, "Advanced Modeling and Verification for High Penetration PV." Two key accomplishments under that award were: (1) Production of a publicly-available enhanced resolution solar resource database for every location in California (SolarAnywhere® Enhanced Resolution, 1 km, half-hour resolution, available at www.SolarAnywhere.com); and (2) Development of an advanced methodology to simulate PV fleet power production for any PV fleet configuration (SolarAnywhere FleetView).

This project accomplished the following grid-integration tasks:

  • Extended the SolarAnywhere Enhanced Resolution solar resource database to create a High Resolution (1 km, one-minute resolution) database, and benchmark data accuracy. This source of high resolution data is used to forecast PV fleet performance.

  • Validated previously developed PV fleet simulation methodologies using measured ground data from fleets of PV systems connected to California's grid.

  • Integrated PV fleet simulation methodologies, which are powered by the high resolution solar resource database, into utility software tools for use in activities ranging from distribution planning to balancing area operation.

The tools and data streams developed as part of this work are made available to California utilities, ISOs and others to help cost-effectively and reliably integrate distributed PV into the grid, supporting the transformation of the electric power grid into a clean energy marketplace.

Deliverables and Documents


  • Final Project Report: Integrating PV into Utility Planning and Operation Tools. Clean Power Research. April 2014. PDF (6.4 MB)





  • "Using Satellite Insolation Data to Calculate PV Power Output Variability." Paper published in Photovoltaics International, Second Quarter, May 2013, pages 94-99.

Patents Pending

  • Computer-implemented method for tuning photovoltaic power generation plant forecasting

  • Computer-implemented system and method for bounding accuracy on a forecast of photovoltaic fleet power generation

  • Computer-implemented system and method for inferring operational specifications of a photovoltaic power generation system

  • Computer-implemented system and method for correlating satellite imagery for use in photovoltaic fleet output estimation


Project Activities

May 2012 Project started
Oct 2013

Project Links

Tags: Data , Solar Forecasting