The California Solar Initiative's RD&D Program has now concluded after operating since 2008 through 2016. All solicitations and research projects are now complete.



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For more information on the research projects and resulting reports please review the section below. All completed final reports are also available separately for review and download. 

FINAL REPORTS for completed projects along with individual research briefs can be found here.


CSI RD&D Program - Program Evaluation 



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Funded Projects

This is a database of projects funded by the CSI RD&D. The project summaries are listed alphabetically below. You may also choose a subset of projects by clicking a keyword, or using the search function.

West Village Energy Initiative

Current Highlights:


  • Final project presentation for Target Area 1 [PDF] and webinar recording [wmv]

  • Final Project Report: Target Area 1  PDF  (13 MB)

  • Final Project Report: Target Area 2  PDF  (1 MB)

Project Information

Solicitation: Solicitation 2
Target Area: Cross-cutting Integration
Awardee: Regents of the University of California, Davis

UC Davis Energy Institute, E3, DEG, and General Electric.

CSI Funding: $2,500,000
Match Funding: $1,245,000
Start Date: February 2011
End Date: February 2013
Status: Complete

Contact Information

Principal Investigator Name: A. Sidney England
Principal Investigator Email: asengland @ ucdavis.edu
Principal Investigator Phone: 530-752-2432
Grant Manager Name: Smita Gupta
Grant Manager Email: smita.gupta @ itron.com
Grant Manager Phone: 509-891-3189

Project Summary

The West Village Project at the University of California, Davis, is one of the first large scale communities to be Zero Net Energy entirely through energy efficiency and on-site generation. The UC Davis team tested and demonstrated existing and new storage technologies for smaller systems in community-wide applications. The team also research and demonstrated the integration of an Advanced Metering Infratructure (AMI) with photovoltaic (PV) and distributed generation (DG) and tested and demonstrated hybrid solar (PV/Thermal). The West Village Project also evaluated several business models for deploying community distributed solar and documented the most promising ones. Lastly, the team demonstrated and assessed virtual net metering approaches, energy storage to mitigate the impacts of high penetration PV deployment, and the use of solar resource forecasting to optimize storage charging and dispatch.

A portion of this research builds on the California Energy Commission's Renewable Energy Secure Communities (RESCO) Project. Under this project, UCD refined the performance metrics being developed under RESCO.

Deliverables and Documents


  • Final Project Report: Target Area 1-Improved PV Production Technologies  PDF  (4 MB)

    • APPENDIX A: Task 1 Demo 1 Battery Buffered Electric Vehicle Charging Station Demonstrations  PDF  (2 KB)
    • APPENDIX B: Task 1 Demo 2 Single Family Home Energy Storage  PDF  (3 KB)
    • APPENDIX C: Task 2-Integration of AMI with Solar PV & other DER Technologies  PDF  (1 KB)
    • APPENDIX D: Data Collection Results  PDF  (2.5 KB)
  • Final Project Report: Target Area 2-Innovative Business Models to Achieve Zero Net Energy  PDF  (1 MB)

    • APPENDIX A: Task 2 Zero Net Energy Project: Single-family Homes Roadmap  PDF  (3 MB)
    • APPENDIX B: Task 2 Excel Financial Model. August 2013. Energy+Environmental Economics. EXCEL  (8 KB)
  • West Village Electricity Production and Consumption Model (Ver.3). March 11, 2013. Prepared by GE Energy Consulting for UC Davis West Village Energy Initiative: Integration of AMI with Solar PV and Other DER Technologies. Download Excel File  (1 MB)


  • Initial project presentation [PDF]

  • E3 model webinar presentation [PDF] and webinar recording [wmv]

  • Final project presentation for Target Area 1 [PDF] and webinar recording [wmv]

Project Activities

February 2011  Project started
April 2011

RFQ for Energy and Financial Analysis Consulting Service released. Submittal due by April 28, 2011   WVEI_RFQ_4_11.doc

February 2012

E3 webinar presenting the analysis for the single family development phase:


Project Links

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